How I Figured out What Kind of Shots Are More Viral on Dribbble

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Recently I collected a lot of new projects to post on Dribbble, and decided to clean up a little bit my portfolio, in a case to delete old and irrelevant shots before adding the new one. But if I would just delete shots, I will not be myself. At first, I had to do research to be sure in my decisions. So I just collected all data regarding all my previous shots and started to visualise in RAW to find out some insides.

Before presenting my results, I would like to declare my assumptions:

1. Gifs are more popular. It means that animated shots was more loved and viewed.

2. Freebies are more popular. It implies that shots with attached free stuff was more liked and viewed.

So, I started from gifs.

I consider that two shots on the right upper corner are anomalies (because as for me there were really cool and trendy) assumptions that animated shots are more popular doesn’t look right. Because if counting from zero direction all of them are just mixed.

Let’s have a look at freebies:

Here I got really confused. As shot with free files as without they don’t have any tendency to get more likes or views. The only one small inside is that shots with freebies got a little bit more likes that shots without if they have got the same amount of views.

On a point when I was almost ready just delete shots which I didn’t like, I decided to add this decision as value to the graph. I just sorted all shots from -5 to +5 (minus — I’ll delete, plus — I’ll keep), and I got the more interesting picture:

Here was obvious that shots on the right side are larger and have a more solid colour.

So it looks like this little research was useless, but I had concluded obvious thing again:

There isn't a specific receipt to get more likes or become popular that simply do a great job that you like.

And one more graph with all my current shots: