Best of 2021

Best Prototypes of 2020

Best Designs of 2020

Case studies


From AR to MR and back

Nitty-gritty details about my process of designing the MR app for Nreal and redesigning the shopping assistant iOS AR app.

Port 6

Importance of accurate touch detection

Current visual detection of hand pose and pinch is very limiting. Even such a minor improvement as accurate pinch and else-touch elevates the experience. Using experimental hardware by Port 6 I explored how it changes interaction patterns and use cases.

Personal Research

Simple VR Analytics

I'm building a simple solution to gather statistics from VR experience for further analysis, A/B and quantitive tests.

Still in progress...


Projects as Spectacles Creator

How I approached Spectacles 2021, came up with ideas, and built prototypes.

Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreements, I can not share other exciting stuff that I’ve helped to build.
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