How I used Midjourney AI to design my Ducati Scrambler

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I plan to work on my Ducati Scrambler this winter to avoid screens. But before, I decided to play with AI to help me imagine what I wanted to build. And it blew my mind…

The results weren’t just far better than I expected…

… but absolutely astonishing.

This is the ultimate tool.

I was able to narrow down interesting directions easily.

Explore colours …

… and styles.

Some crazy styles.

Really wild styles.

Then I caught myself just playing with it as with an instant art generator.

Most of the results weren’t just close to a motorcycle, but actually to this particular model by proportions and details like engine type and exhaust pipes shape.

Of course, sometimes details were off, or my request had an error.

In short: you are missing out if you’re not using AI in your workflow. I recommend you start from Midjourney v4.